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Biokat's Natural Care 8L

Vörunúmer: GB617343
Biokat's Natural Care is a pure natural product made from renewable, biodegradable and compostable plant fibres. Unpleasant odours are naturally bound in the typical tube structure of each individual plant fibre for a long time. The development of odours is thus sustainably prevented. Due to the particularly high absorbency of 700%, the fine granules absorb a multiple of their own weight of liquid and thus ensure an extra high yield. A solid lump is formed, which can be easily removed and disposed of via the toilet. This keeps the rest of the litter box clean and fresh for a long time, so that the cat feels completely comfortable. The natural plant fibers are almost dust-free and offer a pleasantly soft background for tender cat paws. Therefore, the litter is also suitable for sensitive cats. No trees are felled for Biokat's Natural Care. This litter is made from sustainable, PEFC-certified wood secondary raw materials from the timber industry. This not only pleases the environment, but also the velvet paw.
2.330 kr
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